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Subaru 6 Speed Gearbox

6 Speed STI - RepairTo successfully rebuild, or overhaul the sandwich plate type 6 speed manual gearbox as found in post 2000 model Subaru WRX STi and some 2.5lt turbo and 3.0lt Liberty N/A manual transmission models, it is necessary to use many special service tools for alignment of internal parts that cannot be seen once the gearbox housing has been installed. Failing to do so will cause gear balking, premature wear to synchro-cones, shift fork failure, abnormal gear noises and jumping out of gear.

A wide range of spare parts are also required to correct values which fall out of specification after replacing any internal parts to ensure proper gearbox operation.

Subaroo Gearboxes has a complete range of Subaru 6 speed parts in stock to correctly service and carry out repairs to these transmissions.

6 Speed STI - Critical Measurements

These include:

  • Service gasket kits
  • Centre differentials including viscous couplings
  • Shift forks
  • Adjusting shims
  • Adjustment shift rods
  • Oil pumps
  • Oil pick up screens
  • Transfer gears
  • Bearings
  • Crown wheels and pinions etc


We also provide an obligation free dismantle and quote for every Subaru gearbox repair.

All work guaranteed

For further information please feel free to discuss your query with one of our friendly representatives.

New Gen - 6 Speed TransmissionWith the introduction of new models in the Subaru line up, including Diesel variants now available, a new 6 speed gearbox has been introduced to bring lower service costs and a reduction in weight.

Subaroo Gearboxes has studied these transmissions including their newly adopted cable shift mechanism and we have perfected correct strip down and rebuild procedures.Exchange Units - Dispatching Daily

We now offer any gearbox repair necessary for these gearboxes and keep basic service parts in stock.

Buying 2nd hand Subaru gearboxes can be risky business.



Wrecking yards will tell you that the Subaru gearbox they have has done less than 70,000kms.

Would you buy the gearbox if they tell you its done 140,000kms? Are they likely to tell you that?

All Subaru 5 speed gearboxes look the same side by side, yet there are many differences internally from model to model that can cause drivability and reliability concerns and even serious injury to you and your passengers if you are given the incorrect gearbox for your vehicle.

There is no way to determine the condition of a 2nd hand Subaru gearbox unless the gearbox is totally dismantled and thoroughly inspected prior to using it.

The one you know maybe better than the one you don't know!

Applicable for all 5 speed manual Subaru gearbox models

Is your Subaru gearbox experiencing problems?

Yes, problem solved!

Our New for Old swap program allows you to exchange your worn-out trouble unit with our fully remanufactured overhauled gearbox.

Each new tested unit is skillfully assembled by our very experienced Subaru only gearbox expert with all worn out or damaged components renewed.

Every New for old gearbox is supplied with a 12month or optional 24month- 50,000km Nation wide warranty.

Our system offers easy ordering, fast delivery and great value saving you $$$$

With an inventory of over 150 remanufactured Subaru gearboxes in stock, nationwide dispatch occurs daily.

Our friendly helpful staff are waiting for your enquiry.

Simply call 02 99159900 or 0420 319 049

Alternately you can use our simple pre-order form and we will call you back within 1 hour guaranteed.

The pre-order form will provide our staff members with adequate information to prepare a quotation and call you back fast.

New & Used

We offer a complete line of new and used Subaru transmission parts and over haul kits for all manual or automatic/CVT turbo and non-turbo vehicles dual range and single range.

Our competitive pricing makes us the number 1choice for Subaru gearboxes and parts in Australia.

Our extensive product line consists of New and Used Subaru parts;


  • Subaru Viscous couplings
  • Subaru Gears or gear sets
  • Subaru Valve bodies
  • Subaru Bearing kits
  • Subaru Transfer cases
  • Subaru Front differentials
  • Subaru Transfer gears
  • Subaru Gasket and seal kits
  • Subaru Synchronizer
  • Subaru Oil pumps
  • Subaru Differentials
  • Subaru Hubs and sleeves
  • Subaru Flywheel and Clutch kits
  • Subaru Gearbox housings


For further information please feel free to discuss your query with one of our friendly representatives.

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Warranty Information

All used Subaru gearbox parts are covered by a 3 month replacement warranty, all new Subaru parts are covered by 12 month replacement warranty. If new Subaru gearbox parts are fitted by All Drive Subaroo we therefore provide a 24 month, 50,000km warranty which ever occurs first from the date of purchase.

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